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About me

My name is Igor Lourenço and I'm 23 years old. I really like technology and innovation. I started studying about it when I was 13 years old and until today I haven't stopped. I don't see myself doing anything else with my life besides that. At 13, I did a technical high school in the area of Computer Networks and, as soon as I finished, at 16, I started an IT college. I'm studying by myself for two years now and, in addition to technology, I'm studying Spanish and English. In my free time, I like to play sports and CS:GO, read and watch movies and tv shows. My favorite hero is Iron Man and my favorite tv show character is Frank Castle from The Punisher. Now, I'm building Wage3 Payments, my side project.

My skills

In my years working with technology, I learned a lot of things, met a lot of people and acquired a lot of knowledge. I've worked with PHP, studied Python and even tried to learn R language, but for my current professional goals, I leave only the most relevant skills, which are:

SkillExperience (time)
Software Development7 years
Git4 years
JavaScript/Typescript4 years
Frontend Development2 years
Solidity Smart Contracts2 years
ReactJS2 years
Web3 Stack2 years
Chakra UI1 year
Tailwind CSS1 year

Previous Experiences

The skills pointed above were acquired, in addition to time, with practice and study. On my Github, you can see my code trajectory and, below, I leave my latest experiences, the most relevant to my current focus, which is working with scalability and Layer 2 of Ethereum. In addition to those described below, I was an intern for 2 years at a public agency called the Court of Justice of Tocantins and a front-end developer for 2 years at a company called CRP Tecnologia.

CompanyRoleDescriptionSkillsFrom - To
Foton TechSoftware EngineerFoton was a venture builder. I was hired as a frontend engineer but was soon relocated according to my web 3 skills. I worked on a lot of projects there.React JS, TypeScript, NodeJS, Web3, Solidity, Rust02/2021 - 11/2021
Inflow MusicWeb 3 developerI was hired by Inflow, a music company with NFTs, to integrate smart contracts they had with the frontend. It was the first time I did a big integration on my own.React JS, TypeScript, Web3, Solidity06/2021 - 09/2021
Rubi SwapBlockchain EngineerI was hired by Rubi to migrate contracts from Sushi Swap and make a new platform from this. I had to migrate version and optimise code.Solidity09/2021 - 11/2021
NoiaDucksTech LeadI joined this company as a partner of my former boss and we created a collection of NFTs on Solana called NoiaDucks.React JS, TypeScript, Web3, Rust, Solana11/2021 - 11/2021
Intersect ARTTech LeadAfter the success of NoiaDucks, we decided to create an NFT marketplace that has a bridge between Solana and Ethereum. It is currently under development.React JS, TypeScript, Web3, Rust, Solana11/2021 - 03/2022
Rhizom TecnologiaSenior Blockchain Backend EngineerI developed several applications, such as a stake platform and a wallet, acting as a backend developer, creating optimized, upgradeable and secure, production-ready smart contracts.Solidity, Ethereum Scalability, OpenZeppelin, Hardhat, Truffle, Web3, NodeJS, TypeScript03/2022 - Now
Wage3 PaymentsFounder/CTOI'm creating an application to revolutionize the web3 payment system. I'm developing the entire platform myself (technologically), from the frontend to the blockchain part.ReactJS, Chakra UI, Solidity, OpenZeppelin, Web3, NodeJS, TypeScript03/2022 - Now

Community Collaborations

As part of the web community and, more recently, web 3 in Brazil, I have been trying to be very participative and find mentors and mentees to share knowledge in order to everyone's growth. With that in mind, I've already written some articles about front-end development and, when I started studying about Blockchain, I started sharing a lot of things on my Twitter about the subject. In addition, I seek to participate in DAOs, such as Developer DAO and ENS, and see how decisions are made. Lately, I started writing articles about my current focus, which is Scalability. Here are some examples:

ZK-Rollups: Why it exists and how it works



Ethereum Mainnet: igorlourenco.eth

Solana: igorlourenco.sol

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